Introducing Small Plater!

If you are looking for Oysters & Bourbon, you’ve found it!

It was a major step for me to get my food blog off of the ground. I approached it without thinking strongly about a direction; I just wanted to finally push myself to share recipes. As I was writing these recipes, I realized that everything that came to mind was a smaller, sharable dish. It isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone who knows me – my favorite restaurants are tapas, small-plate style places. Small plates bring together the best of every cuisine while fostering amazing experiences and memories between family, friends, and strangers alike. That’s what draws me to make these recipes and what this blog will hopefully do. From here on out, this blog will be focused on these incredible, shareable bites of food. Small Plater is a new, focused direction that I’m very excited about.

In the mean time, I’ve made the big move from Boston to Seattle – one coast to another! With beautiful, year-round farmers markets and incredible restaurants, there is plenty of inspiration.

So what can you expect from Small Plater? In addition to recipes, you’ll find ingredient information, restaurant inspiration, and tips and tricks to help you as you look to make small plates and/or entertain. I look forward to sharing my love of small plates with you!

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