Friday Foodie #1

FF1This week has absolutely flown by, thanks to a week long vacation around the Pacific Northwest. This FF photo is a picture I took on a beach in La Push, a beautiful stop on our trip. But wait…what is FF anyway?
Many of my favorite blogs, food or otherwise, use Friday as a chance to share some of the cool/interesting things they’ve found online during the week. I’m calling my version the Friday Foodie – and here’s FF #1!
I’m a giant sucker for nachos, so I’m sure you’ll see links like these often on FF posts. These nachos with Sweet Potato Chips and Barbecue Sauce look fantastic
It’s fucking hot in Seattle. So, here are some ice cream tips from Food52. Bonus points for the use of ‘bejesus’ — one of the most under appreciated words out there.
It’s almost the Fourth of July, which means that it’s time for one of my other favorite things…Hot Dogs! These Guadalajara Dogs look absolutely delicious. They include sour cream, which is also one of my favorite things (I’m beginning to see a trend for FF posts here…). 
Fourth of July also means drinking. If I didn’t just spend a week on a full vacation/celebrating marriage equality bender, I’d probably make these Spicy Bourbon and Watermelon drinks. 
I’m not used to seeing peaches on toast, so this recipe caught my eye
I hope everyone has a fun (and safe) Fourth of July!

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